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Get Involved

                            Make a Difference

When we work together, amazing things happen. Find out how you can get involved and start making a difference. Your support is important and valuable to this campaign.  Whether you would like to volunteer your time, make a monetary donation, or put a sign in your yard, every little bit helps tremendously.



Are you willing to open your home to your neighbors, friends, or coworkers so they can meet Jackie? Just provide the space, indoor or out, and something to drink.
(2 hr commitment)


We will train you to go door-to-door to deliver event invitations and palm cards. We make groups of at least 2-3 for safety and fun! Not excited about walking or talking to strangers??  We also need drivers. (3 hr commitment)


If you use social media, we need your help! We need people to regularly promote, share and comment on Jackie's posts throughout the campaign season. (25 min weekly)


Are you willing to pickup/drop-off signs and/or use your garage/porch as a place for others to come retrieve them? Maybe you would prefer to pick up our signs after our victory? That will be necessary, too! (3 hr commitment)


This is A LOT of fun when you invite your friends to be there with you. We will need over 100 people for this important job of greeting voters at the polls during early voting and election day. We will have sample ballots to help you show voters exactly where to check off Jackie's name! (3 hr commitment).


Be Part of the Change!

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